Classrooms Take Charge this Fall

Recently we have been asking you to Take Charge Corvallis. And not only are we asking you to Take Charge, we are taking charge too. Energize Corvallis, a program of the Corvallis Environmental Center, has been working behind the scenes to build an innovative program called Classrooms take Charge that is changing the way Pacific Northwest educators teach high school students about the impacts of our actions.

After being awarded a competitive Environmental Education grant from the EPA, Energize Corvallis set to work developing a platform in conjunction with already existing CarbonTIME Curriculum. CarbonTIME focus on processes that transform matter and energy in organisms, ecosystems, and global systems. When added to service learning and an online website that quantifies the impact of our actions on those processes, Classrooms Take Charge is poised to help over 6,000 students in Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Alaska begin taking charge in their schools and communities.

Twenty-Five teachers from all over the Pacific Northwest met with the Energize Corvallis Team in either Seattle or Corvallis to learn how to pilot this program in their high schools including two teachers from Corvallis.

We are excited to share this milestone in our work with our community and will be rolling out the full version of the program in the 2016 – 2017 school year. Classrooms Take Charge is just one more way that we can make an impact on this planet and show the power we have when Communities Take Charge.


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