Summer Camp Recap: Native Survival

The Native Survival summer camp that Avery House Nature Center put on was all about the native Kalapuyan’s and their ways of living including their unique calendar year, summer fish camps, harvest seasons, and winter villages.

FullSizeRenderEach day was packed full of fun yet educational activities for the kids. They made many everyday items just like the Kalapuyan’s did such as cordage, bows and arrows by harvesting willow and ash, the process of knapping, shaping flint, and how to weave baskets. The Native American’s were hunter/gathers and the campers were taught about a traditional hunting weapon called atlatle and how to make arrowheads.Weapons weren’t the only way to protect themselves, by making a fire and building a shelter the kids learned how this can protect them as well.

The 50 campers had a taste of  what surviving would have been like for the natives that inhabited this land before it was settled. This program and others like it at Avery House are the foundation of their place-based education. They give children the opportunity to connect with local ecosystems, natural history, and grow into the next generation of environmental stewards.

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