Buy Local Lunch: February 11


This month’s Local Lunch features Oregon Carrots.

On Tuesday February 11th 2014, at all 509j elementary schools students can choose Carrot and Black Bean Beaver Wraps on the Lunch Line. The wraps feature carrots from Duck Delivery Produce in Portland, black beans from Truitt Bros in Salem, Don Pancho tortillas from Salem, and Tillamook cheese! The wraps also include quinoa, a healthy, protein-rich grain.

Join us in supporting Oregon farmers and buy Local Lunch! 

If your child doesn’t usually buy lunch, school lunch is $2.25 and payments can be made at your school office or kitchen. For more information (including information about free or reduced-price meals) click here. 

Let the Corvallis School District know you support their efforts to get more local on the lunch line! 
Email Food & Nutrition Services at Sharon.Gibson@Corvallis.K12.OR.US Learn more about Oregon cranberries by checking out the family newsletter here.
If you have questions about the Corvallis Farm to School program, please contact Sara McCune, Farm to School Manager at: 
Last but not least, check out Corvallis Farm to School on Facebook here!
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