Soar with the ospreys, hoot with the owls, and rap with the woodpeckers as we ascend into the world of birds. Build bird houses, create a habitat for hummingbirds, learn bird calls and get a close up look at local species!

Thursday Field Trip: Finley National Wildlife Refuge (Transportation Fee: $20)


Wednesday – Feathers, Feet, and Food

Learn how specialized beak shapes and other features help birds survive

Build a bird – create your own unique bird with special adaptations for its environment

Why Migrate? North vs South

Bird House construction

Intro Binoculars and bird ID

Thursday – Bird ID, Nests, and Raptors

Field trip: Finley by Bus: Transportation Fee $20

Practice observing bird behavior and traits

Identify local species, bird calls and nests

Build a nest

Predator-prey relationships

Song birds vs Raptors

Friday – Eggs, Chicks, and Protecting Local Birds/Night Navigators

Incredible eggs!-Growing baby birds

Amazing egg experiments

Inside the egg investigation

Make bird baths and bird feeders

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Full Day 9:00-3:00–$40
Half Day 9:00-12:00–$25  
Full Week of Full Days–$120 (With some exceptions, see camp registration for details)
Full Week of Half Days–$75 (With some exceptions, see camp registration for details)
Extended Care is available from 7:45-5:15 for $6 an hour. We are flexible if you need to drop off earlier or pick up later.
We strive to make our programs available to all. Funding is available this year through the charitable contribution from Many Hands Trading’s Day of Sharing.
Please fill out this scholarship form BEFORE REGISTERING.