AveryPondAug 25th – 29th Aquatic Wonders (Ages 5-7)  Minnows, whirligigs, water striders and so many more amazing creatures. Exploring the underwater world in ponds, streams and rivers.  Hands-on exploration of diverse aquatic life and ecosystems. Thursday Field Trip: Peavy Arboretum

Monday – The power of water.

  • The water cycle and an understanding of the three water states of gas, solid and liquid through investigation stations, games and stream table demonstrations.

Tuesday – Mighty rivers.

  • Beavers and Salmon and Otters, OH MY! Play salmon swim, make beaver dams and learn about river animal adaptations.

Wednesday – Fresh water life.

  • Aquatic invertebrate life cycles, building ponds and pond food chains, clay craft and stream searching for aquatic life.

Thursday – Field Trip Day! Destination: Peavy Arboretum

  • There is an abundance of aquatic critters in the streams, creeks and ponds that are just waiting for us to investigate!

Friday – How humans impact waterways.

  • Macro invertebrate mayhem, Environmental indicator species, Water filter craft project, a hike to the river and more.

All camps cover ages 5-12 unless age restrictions are stated. Campers are divided into age appropriate groups within camps. Note some camps meet at different locations on some days and all camps have field trips on Thursday. The field trips are great fun!