Thank You for Supporting Environmental Literacy for All

This week we received a check for over $1,000 from Many Hands Trading. Thanks to Many Hands for making this possible and thank you for shopping there on the March 19th day of sharing which benefited our organization. Support like this allows Avery House Nature Center and SAGE to offer summer program financial assistance to those who need it.

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Annika – the next environmental leader in our community? Because of you the possibilities for her are endless!

Last year, because of your support, Annika was able to attend an Avery House Nature Center summer camp. Her experience spending time outdoors in Corvallis and learning about the local ecosystem here not only strengthened her relationship with nature, it fostered a sense of place that she can carry with her well into the future. 

This summer there will be a new group of kiddos flooding Avery Park and SAGE garden to have hands in the dirt experiences that can build a foundation for smart environmental choices as they grow.

Find out more about Summer Camps.

Donate to the Corvallis Environmental Center.

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