Fall 2017-2018 Nature School

Monday & Wednesdays 12:30 – 3:30 PM (monthly fee schedule below)

Avery House offers nature education programs which are developed as an additive to homeschooling and other non-traditional schooling options. We are not a formal school. We offer flexible but consistent scheduling, small class sizes, experienced educators, and mixed age groups in a place-based learning environment. Our programs work well as an additive to other schooling options including online programs, parent lead homeschooling, and child directed learning. With a focus on nature based content we include math, reading, writing, literacy, geography, and the arts in order to create a well rounded experience. On any given afternoon you will find us turning over rocks, harvesting from our garden, or simply running through the park while we have fun learning from the world around us.

Class Topics: TBD – similar to those listed below.  Details will  be posted in August

Nature Art and Math

Journey through the local ecosystem with hands on math concepts from complex shapes and symmetry to the Fibonacci sequence. Students will measure, add, subtract, problem solve and investigate how math ties into nature while creating personalized art projects using natural materials.

Words in the Wild

Focus on reading and creating poems and stories with nature as our guide. Students will read about and experience nature to inspire their writing journals and art. Whether your child loves to read or shys away from books, nature can captivate, engage and inspire a love of reading and writing!

Sensory Nature Investigators

To understand the world around us we must learn to observe and study with all of our senses. Hands on with plants and wildlife discovering life and diverse ecosystems. Students will learn key problem solving skills, navigation, mapping, plants, animals, and the structure of local ecosystems.

Scientist Experiments

We will explore chemistry, physics, and biology through creative experiments and projects. Students will learn to understand how to be scientifically minded by asking questions, testing theories, making observations and predicting outcomes.

This class meets on Mondays and Wednesdays weekly beginning on September 11, 2017 and ending on June 6, 2018. and Enrollment is based on monthly enrollment ($30/class) according to the monthly fee schedule below:

  • September: $180
  • October: $210
  • November:$240 (no class Nov. 22nd)
  • December: $180 (no class Dec.25-Jan. 4)
  • January:$210 (no class Jan.15 MLK Day)
  • February: $210 (no class Feb. 19 Presidents Day)
  • March: $180 (no class Mar. 26-30)
  • April: $270
  • May: $270
  • June: $60

One day option is not available. Please pre-register at the link below ($100).  This fee goes directly to art supplies and educational materials.

We strive to make our programs available to all. Please fill out this form BEFORE REGISTERING.
Any schedule changes require a 1 month notice. Payment is due for all programs the first week of each month a $5 late charge will be added after the first full week. A $35 bounced check fee will be applied to all checks that return as NSF. We follow the OSU schedule for Holidays and snow closure but with 2hr school district delays we run as normal. Credits will be give when or if we close for snow days.
You must fill out a Guardian Information and Medial Release one a year or if any information changes. You can do multiple children on each form and you only need one no matter how many programs you participate in.
Fill out my online form.