Nature School offers nature education programs that complement non-traditional schooling options. Although we are not a formal school, enrollment follows the Corvallis public school calendar from September-December and January-June. Our programs work well as an additive to online school programs, parent led homeschooling, and child directed learning. On any given afternoon you will find us outside turning over rocks, investigating critters, identifying local plants or simply running through the park while we have fun learning from the world around us.

We provide:

  • small class sizes;
  • experienced educators;
  • mixed age groups in a place-based learning environment;
  • nature based content across the curriculum (math, reading, writing, geography, art); and
  • child-centered learning practices designed to meet state level standards, as well as national sustainability standards.


Join us for Open House! September 7, 1-2 pm

2017-2018 Nature School – starts September 11!

Monday & Wednesdays 12:30 – 3:30 PM ($200/month @ $25/class)


New this Year!

  • WILDLIFE URBAN HABITAT: Throughout the year we will be learning about our local birds and pollinators.  Students will help develop, design and build from start to finish a Birds, Bees and Butterfly Habitat in the front yard of the Avery House.
  • ANIMAL CARE: Students will help maintain, feed and care for our residents Nature Center animals.
  • ARTIST in RESIDENCE: Local artists will visit throughout the year and students will use mixed media to complete art projects for display in the Nature Center

On-going year long topics:

  • Nature Art and Math: Journey through the local ecosystem with hands on math concepts from complex shapes and symmetry to the Fibonacci sequence. Students will measure, add, subtract, problem solve and investigate how math ties into nature while creating personalized art projects using natural materials.
  • Words in the Wild: Focus on reading and creating poems and stories with nature as our guide. Students will read about and experience nature to inspire their writing journals and art. Whether your child loves to read or shys away from books, nature can captivate, engage and inspire a love of reading and writing!
  • Sensory Nature Investigators: To understand the world around us we must learn to observe and study with all of our senses. Hands on with plants and wildlife discovering life and diverse ecosystems. Students will learn key problem solving skills, navigation, mapping, plants, animals, and the structure of local ecosystems.
  • Scientist Experiments: We will explore chemistry, physics, and biology through creative experiments and projects. Students will learn to understand how to be scientifically minded by asking questions, testing theories, making observations and predicting outcomes.

Class meets: Mondays and Wednesdays – September 11, 2017 through June 8, 2018. One year enrollment has nine fixed monthly payments of $200 (4 weeks at $25/class). Invoices will be sent out monthly for $200.

QUESTIONS?  Contact Program Director, Connie Barnes, or Education Coordinator Meika Vingelen, OR call us at 541 758-6198.

*We also offer a NaturePlay (Tu/Th) afternoon class (12:30-3:30) for ages 4-6.  NatureSchool students that are age 6 are eligible for a 4-day a week option ($400/month). Visit our NaturePlay webpage for more detail and registration.