Birding by ear!

Take your birding ability to the next level, especially in forested areas where birds are difficult to see. During the classroom sessions, we don’t try to memorize lists of bird sounds; instead, we learn methods to help remember bird sounds, and get a basic understanding of the ways in which birds use sound to communicate.

It’s intended to be fun and interesting. Classroom sessions will feature lots of videos and sound clips. During the field trips, there will be listening exercises and many opportunities to practice the techniques learned in class. You’ll be amazed by how many birds you’ll find by just listening. You should already be familiar with common local birds to take this class.


The field trips will focus on habitats: wetland (Jackson-Frazier Wetland), grassland & savanna (Finley NWR), and forest (McDonald Forest & Hesthavn Nature Center). We’ll be enjoying the spring bird sounds at their peak.

Cost: $40 – $65 Sliding Scale



May 17, classroom Avery House
May 20, field trip
May 24, classroom Avery House
May 27, field trip
May 31, classroom Avery House

June 3, field trip


Questions about the course, you can contact the instructors, Don Boucher & Lisa Millbank (

Questions about registration or payment contact Avery House Nature Center: Phone (541) 758-6198 or email

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