Butterflies and Bees Ages 5-8
Butterfly Insect anatomytiger swallowtail
Story: Butterfly ABCs
Pollination game
Bee dance
Butterfly and bee Metamorphosis
Decorate paper wings to make an elastic bracelet

Creepy Crawlers Ages 2-15
Insect Anatomy or Insect mouth adaptations activity
Hold live walking stick insects
Move like a creepy crawler relay race or races insects
Invent an insect art project
Optional extension: Net for aquatic insects at the river
View and hold different creepy crawlers
Story: Ugh A Bug or Somewhere In the Gard

newtSlither and Slime Ages 4-15
Hands on Exploration of Amphibians and Reptiles (Live Newts, Frog, and turtle)
Amphibians and Reptiles grab relay race
Life cycle line up game
Make slime or make a wooden snake (additional $1per child cost)
Bullfrog Mask (free art option)
Bullfrog obstacle

Feathered Friends Ages 2-12
Can adapt activities to learn about a special group of birds (Owls, Geese, Eagles, ect)
Beak adaptations activityscreech owl
Local bird bingo
Story: Flute’s Journey
Migration game
Move like a bird
Feather art

Mysteries Of the Forest Ages 2-8
Leaf rubbings
Native plant bingo
Photosynthesis tag
Web of life – plants in the oak forest ecosystem
Make a birthday “tree ring’ cross-section with events from your life
Plant resource needs game

sword fernAges 8-15 – Hike or Plant Identification Activities

Forest Fun Ages 6-11
Tree seasons art project
Preparing for winter gathering game
Oak forest food web tag
Dress like a mushroom

Going Batty Ages 6-15brown bat
Make bat masks
Echolocation game
Bat Anatomy (How a bat compares to me)
Story: Bat Loves The Night

Water Wonders Ages 6-12
Stream table – building a river
Watershed pollution demonstration (loan from City of Corvallis Stormwater Runoff program, subject to availability)
Salmon migration obstacle courseh2o
Travel through the water cycle – giant dice game & make a beaded bracelet to
record your journey

Additional topics in development include:

Mammal Mania, The Salamander Room, The Lorax, Pollywogs & Frogs, Rainforests, Snakes, Reptiles pets and more!

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