Aaron Jenkins


Aaron Jenkins is an Instructor in Economics at Linn-Benton Community College and formerly the Economist for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.  He spends as much time outside as possible, with particular interest in hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, paddling, and gardening.  Having previously resided in six eastern U.S. states, Aaron is now pleased to call the diverse landscapes of Oregon home.  He serves on the Executive and Finance Committees.




Meg Mobley

Vice President

Meg is an Instructor in the Crop and Soil Science Department and Sustainability Double Degree Program at Oregon State University. She teaches introductory courses in environmental sciences, sustainability, and soil science. Her research has focused on land management impacts on carbon and nitrogen cycling in forests, rangelands, and croplands. She comes to Corvallis from eastern Montana by way of North Carolina and Wyoming (so, the direct route) and likes to play with different ways of sharing environmental science with non-scientist audiences. Loves food, beer, dogs, outdoors–the stereotypical western OR things. Meg serves on the Development Committee.



Sami Tellatin


Sami works for the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program primarily to educate farmers and the general public about cover crops, the real-world superheroes of the soil. Her roots are in Missouri, where she enjoys hiking through the hills of the Ozarks and swimming in Missouri’s lakes and rivers. She’s enchanted by the Pacific Northwest, especially Oregon’s rugged coast. She enjoys yoga, hiking, cooking, coffee, and all things related to agriculture.



Sara Kellogg


Sara grew up in the Willamette Valley area and is currently self employed in Corvallis. She has a background in bookkeeping and office management and enjoys weaving, gardening, cooking, food preservation. Sara serves on the Finance Committee.





Chas Jones

Chas is the Tribal Liaison at the Northwest Climate Science Center, where he provides support for improving tribal resilience to climate issues. He also does research at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency where he studies how drought affects the habitat of aquatic animals and terrestrial resources (i.e. vineyards, timber forests, ski areas). In 2015, he migrated to Oregon from Alaska, but has also been fortunate to have also lived in New Mexico, California, Oklahoma, Arizona, Kentucky, Iowa, and Illinois (where he was raised). A lifelong advocate for sustainability, Chas has long been active in advocacy, education, and research. In his downtime, Chas navigates the rivers of the northwest via whitewater raft and canoe and is always happy to have his wife, dog, and friends along. For more information, visit chasjones.com.


Adam Lindsley

Adam is a instructor for the Oregon State University Department of Crop & Soil Science. Adam serves on the Development Committee.



Mida Lorenz

Mida joined the board of directors after working as an employee of the Corvallis Environmental Center for three years. She has seven years of experience in farm and food education and non-profit outreach. She currently studies Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University and enjoys playing cards and mushroom hunting. Mida serves on the Home Space Committee.



William Simonson

William “Si” Simonson originally came to Corvallis in 1974 to join the College of Pharmacy faculty. After moving to the East coast Si has recently returned to teach part time at OSU. Professionally he specializes in senior care pharmacy. He spends much of his energies on the newly established “Oak Creek Conservancy,” just north of Bald Hill in Corvallis where he lives and is working to restore an oak woodland.  His web site is williamsimonson.com.




Kim Townsend

Kim is a faculty member in the Crop and Soil Science department at Oregon State University. She teaches environmental science and sustainability classes and mentors students in the lab. She conducts research on the role of soil in global carbon cycling. Kim enjoys exploring Oregon’s soils in their native habitats by foot, boat and bike. Kim serves on the Finance Committee and Executive Committee.