Is your camper attending more than one camp this summer? Do you have siblings that will be going to camp together? We have great news for you! 

Discounts are available for multiple session and/or multiple child registration. Please read the discount information carefully in order to determine which code applies to you. Use the appropriate code listed below when filling out your payment information during the registration process. Once you have completed the registration process your payment and discount code information will be reviewed by Avery House staff.

Multiple Camp Discounts: If you register a single camper for more than one full camp session you are eligible for the following discounts. Please use the appropriate code for the number of camps you are registering for.

This year we are using an individual form for each camp and camper. If you are registering a single camper for multiple camps you will get $10 off each camp. So use promo code: KEEP EXPLORING

Sibling Discount: For every camp that siblings take together there is a discount available to you for $20 off. This coupon is not eligible for use if the siblings are taking separate camps.

If you are registering siblings for the same camp you also get $10 off each of those camps. So use promo code: EXPLORE TOGETHER


**If Avery House staff feel that the wrong codes have been applied during the registration process we will automatically make the correction. You will be contacted to be informed of any changes. **


For questions or concerns:

ahnc.pupcattitle20121 300x29 Calling all Nature Explorers!

Email: ahnc[at]corvallisenvironmentalcenter[dot]org
Or Call: 541-758-6198