Easy Ways to Support the CEC

butterflywThe Corvallis Environmental Center thrives because of community support.  There are lots of ways to support the work we do by volunteering, donating directly or participating in one of our programs.  Try one of these three ways to donate indirectly as a part of your daily routine.


Donate to the ARC

Donate used goods to the ARC and a portion of the sale goes directly to the CEC.  Label items with a sticker (available outside of the CEC’s downtown office) and drop them off at either the Corvallis or Philomath ARC locations.  Click here for more information.

Shop Amazon.com

Simply by entering Amazon.com through this link, a percentage of the sale goes to the CEC.  There is no sign-in or entering of information; just a button to click and then you can start shopping.  Bookmark this link:  www.fundinco.org/orghome.php?orgid=1031

Use Goodsearch.com

When you search the web, use Goodsearch.com and raise a penny for every search.  Choose the CEC as your cause and find out the other ways to help us raise money buy shopping, downloading apps, playing games, taking surveys, dining, traveling and more.  Set Goodsearch.com as your homepage and search away!

Connect Your Fred Meyer Rewards Card

If any of you have a Fred Meyer‘s reward card and would like to link it to the Corvallis Environmental Center click here!


Thank you for your support!

Every bit helps.SunflowerBorder


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