Adventures at Avery House

Days at Avery House passed quickly because there were always new adventures to be had. Whether it was making paper windmills, coloring pictures, feeding the pet snake, or running through damp grass in the park – the children there constantly brought a smile to my face and influenced me to appreciate the beauty around me in new ways.

Last spring as an intern, parents often told me stories of how their children taught them things about nature they had not known before. Additionally, each teacher at Avery House had unique knowledge and skills to contribute, and combined with their love for children and nature, I was constantly inspired.

Every day we explored new places around Avery Park like the nearby Marys river and riparian area. During that time children also learned math, language arts, songs, and dance through the lense of our local ecosystem.

Children are impressionable and curious—at Avery House Nature Center every child is is encouraged to follow that curiosity and it prepares them to make smart environmental choices as they grow up. They are the future of our world; a world that depends on decisions we make today.

Avery House is committed to teaching children about sustainability and appreciating our environment.They demonstrate their mission tangibly by buying organic and locally grown foods, raising chickens, tending their own garden, composting and recycling, using washable towels, and so much more.

I highly recommend you getting involved with Avery House; I am really glad I did. Learn about all that Avery House Nature Center has to offer here.

Contributed by Michelle Holcomb – Avery House Intern Spring 2016
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