Rebecca Sullivan has been an important contributor to the Corvallis Environmental Center’s Farm to School program. A recent graduate of Oregon State University’s Agriculture RebeccaEducation program, Rebecca was well suited to dive into curriculum development for our education programs. Starting this fall, Rebecca worked diligently to create lesson plans for three cooking clubs geared towards elementary school students. Bringing creativity and thoughtfulness to the table, she carefully selected recipes and activities that would feature local food and food system awareness, while simultaneously providing an education in basic cooking skills, science, and international cultures.

Rebecca sought out an internship with the CEC because she wanted to share her strengths and interest in agriculture education with the Corvallis community. Her graduation gave her the time to get involved and choose a project. Designing cooking club curriculum caught her eye because of her interest in both curriculum design and love of cooking.

Rebecca enjoyed volunteering with the CEC because of the freedom she had to use creativity in the project she was developing. She loved the idea that she was creating courses that could encourage young children to enjoy cooking from scratch with healthy foods while helping them think about where their food comes from.

Perhaps Rebecca’s upbringing on a ranch in eastern Oregon was one of the things that influenced her to become an agriculture educator. Her family has a small herd of Hereford cattle and she grew up showing horses, sheep, and cattle as well as pulling weeds in her mother’s garden. After graduating from high school, she knew that she wanted to be a teacher to help youth understand agriculture and the food network.

Rebecca’s work with the Farm to School program is sure to have a positive impact on the elementary school students in Corvallis. Her time and effort allowed us to efficiently develop a program that needed her enthusiasm and dedication.

Thank you, Rebecca, for all that you have done!