Karessa Torgerson contacted SAGE staff serendipitously this spring, just as our flowers were beginning to bloom. She had recently caught a hive of swarming honeybees who were looking for a new home, and SAGE needed a new colony of pollinators!

Karessa become our official volunteer bee keeper and has been an enormous asset to SAGE this summer. She led sessions during both Buzz About Bees and Butterflies, Bees and Birds camps – suiting up and teaching the children about life on the inside of a hive. What’s more, she brought gallons of their golden nectar to Avery House and taught campers how to extract honey from the comb. Her sticky visit was a highlight of both camps. Karessa also visited with our Roots & Shoots home school group at SAGE, fascinating both students and parents with her love for these important – and threatened – little creatures.

While she’s only been bee keeping for a few years, Karessa now has 7 hives and dreams of one day working as a professional bee keeper.

“There are so many big problems in the world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed,” Karessa told SAGE campers. She said she decided to keep bees because “It’s something one person can do to make a difference.”

Thank you, Karessa, for making a difference at SAGE!

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