Julia Patton is one of the awesome volunteer farmers at the Starker Arts Garden for Education (SAGE).  She found out about the SAGE garden through her own web searches for meaningful volunteer work, and attended one of our Tuesday afternoon work parties in the early spring to check out SAGE!  Pam, the SAGE Garden Manager, was very lucky to find that Julia is a skilled bicycle mechanic, and she had Julia tightening and adjusting our wheelbarrows in no time!  Julia was searching for a volunteer opportunity that fit in with her interests, and it turned out that SAGE really fit the bill!


Originally from California, Julia moved to Corvallis to attend OSU and found a town to make her home.  You can find her zipping around town on a bicycle on any given day of the week – she’s a bicycle mechanic at Peak Sports, and also delivers soup by bicycle for Soup Cycle! In her spare time, Julia is also a crafter, a gardener, and musician who is kind enough to share her many talents with SAGE. The cucumber is her favorite veggie, and she likes them prepared in crispy, cool cucumber sandwiches and in cuke salads with salt & pepper.

At SAGE, Julia has had the opportunity to learn a lot of new skills. SAGE work parties have had her doing everything from weeding, planting, firing up the earth oven, mulching, fixing any and all broken tools, and helping lead new volunteers on occasion.  You can find her in the garden smiling and working with newbies at events, potlucks, and work parties!

All of the fruits and veggies that we grow in the SAGE garden go to local food banks and soup kitchens. Our volunteers range in skill level from novice to expert – we are always welcoming new volunteers to get growing!  Come by one of Tuesday afternoon work parties between 4 pm and 7 this summer.

Thank you, Julia, for the energy you bring to SAGE!