Christy Baggett began volunteering for the Avery House Nature Center at the beginning of the summer, sharing her knowledge for the Avery House’s summer Nature Camps.  A senior in Zoology at OSU, Christy’s specialty is in herpetology, and was invaluable in identifying and giving information about local amphibians and reptiles.

How did you first get involved with volunteering for the Avery House Nature Center?   I saw a post about it on a listserve email I received with opportunities available for the summer. I didn’t have a job and was looking for a way to spend my summer in Corvallis. It sounded like a great experience and I felt like I had something to offer.

What do you like about volunteering for the Corvallis Environmental Center?   I’ve really enjoyed being able to share what I know about nature and the environment with the kids. Also, the atmosphere of the camps and people I get to work with are great!

Can you describe a favorite memory from  volunteering?   The first camp of the summer was Creepy Crawlers and we took a Thursday field trip to Peavy Arboretum.  The kids didn’t really know me very well then and hadn’t been very impressed with what I knew about the insects, spiders, etc because they all knew so much about those creatures. During some free time after lunch, many of the kids were trying to net butterflies and dragonflies and someone caught a lizard that was trying to scurry across the walkway. None of the kids knew what it was and were impressed when I picked it up and told them that is was an Alligator Lizard and knew its scientific name. That’s when the Avery House kids realized that I actually knew what I was talking about!

Christy is originally from Salem, but loves living in Corvallis. She plans on pursuing her Ph.D in Zoology when she completes her undergraduate degree, with the goal of teaching at the university level one day.  When she is not focused on amphibians and reptiles, other things Christy enjoys are being outside camping or hiking, finding and identifying animls, and photography.

Thanks to Christy for being such an important member of our team at the Avery House this summer!